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Hi, I'm Marie!

I have been teaching for over 10 years, most of which were in high school English and Theatre Arts. I have taught all four grades of English (9-12), as well as both the performance and technical side of theatre. When I began teaching theatre, I also took over our school's Drama program, where I oversaw and directed all plays, musicals, and improv performances.

My teaching style is energetic and fast-paced, but I constantly check for student understanding. I like to engage students with references they can connect with and give students a sense of belonging to my classroom community. I should also mention that I am quite loud. ;)


I am an Aztec through and through, as I earned my BA in French, Single Subject English teaching credential, and MA in Theatre Arts all from San Diego State University.


Teaching is in my blood. I have been unsure of many things over the course of my life, but of two things I have always been certain - I wanted to be a mom and I wanted to be a teacher. I am proud to teach back in the school district where I grew up and where my own children will attend, Poway Unified School District, in San Diego, CA. 

What is The Caffeinated Classroom?

The Caffeinated Classroom is a place for educators to explore resources and be inspired. Here, I share some best practices developed over a decade of teaching in various classrooms. Whether you're a new teacher, or looking to refresh your classroom, find resources here and anecdotes from other teachers to guide you through today's education roadblocks and find inspiration for creative and energizing learning!


Let's come together as educators to navigate the landscape of constantly doing more with less, both inside the classroom and out.

Who is TCC for?

TCC is for anyone and everyone in the world of education looking to solve a problem, share advice and wisdom with fellow teachers, or looking to connect with like-minded educators. New teachers looking to catch their bearings, experience educators looking for a refresh, and everyone in between.


Why "Caffeinated?"

We are living in the age of information and every inch of our world moves at an accelerated pace, try as we might to slow it all down. Advancements in technology only further fuel the fire, and the average person finds him- or herself at a crossroad - to resist and try to will life to slow down to a manageable pace, or to adapt and find ways to be intentional and mindful amidst the hustle.


So let’s raise our mugs - cheers to helping students learn, and holding onto our joy for teaching and our sanity in the process!

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