What's In My {Traveling} Teacher Bag...

I'm not quite sure what it is, but there is something about the "What's In My Teacher Bag" trend on YouTube that has me HOOKED. I mean, I've been a teacher for over a decade, so I have a pretty good system for what I keep in my bag, and yet I find myself watching these videos whenever I stumble across them! I love seeing that the teachers I follow and admire from afar have the same weird crap in their bags as I do...

As my foray into the world of "What's In My Teacher Bag," I filmed one all about what I keep with me as a traveling teacher going from site to site each day... Staying organized is key, and so is figuring out exactly what to take with you in order to travel light!


What things do you keep in your teacher bag that you CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT? Share them in the comments below!!

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