School Closures = Overnight Homeschooling

Friends, I'm going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point.

Odds are, if you're reading this then you're in my boat... Not teaching + home with my own kids (ages 3 & 6) + generally anxious = I NEED TO TAKE ACTION (and feel like I'm doing something...)

In order to create as much order and routine for my own kids as possible, I know that our house will need to keep to a schedule and routine, so here's what we are working with!

Our Homeschool Plan During School Closures

The video above outlines our planned schedule and what content we have planned for now. Like I said, our plan is to create as much routine and semblance of “normal” as we can, and for us that means school!

We are going to stick to a pretty usual routine before and after school, making sure that we all get up and get ready at the normal time in the morning, cleaning up the house like we usually do, and starting “school” when the kids’ regular start time is.

Basically, our school day is broken into 3 chunks:

- Morning work (to have an official start to our school day) & ELA

- Create & Write

- STEM/Social Studies & PE

Here is how is breaks down a bit further into some time frames:

Early Morning (6:00-9:00) - breakfast, get ready, clean up, video calls with family

Mid-Morning - School starts

9:00 Morning Work

9:30 Read Aloud/ELA (Reader Response/Phonics/Letters)

10:20 Snack & “Recess”

11:00 Art

11:30 Writer’s Workshop

12:15 Lunch & “Recess”

1:00 Math

1:30 PE

2:00 Science OR Social Studies OR Makerspace

3:00 Free Time

Mid-Afternoon - virtual playdates with friends, usual after school routine through dinner & bed time

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Here is a HUGE list of sources where I found the resources (most of which are FREE) I am using with my kiddos:

1st Grade -

Preschool -

Physical Education Videos -

Maker Stations -

Good luck, friends! If you aren't already following me on Instagram, come and find me (@thecaffeinatedclass)! I'll be posting and on stories daily, and I will continue to share my resources, as well as others I come across!

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