Grading Hacks from Teacher Bloggers I Follow (and so should you!)

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

The very first thing a person normally asks me when finding out that I am an English teacher is, "How do you keep up with the grading?!" My usual response is something about keeping a good schedule and routine and "you get used to it..." (for more on that, see this post)

English Language Arts teachers, however, are not the only ones inundated by assignments to grade at certain times of the year.

For this very reason, I have compiled a small list of AMAZING blog posts (from some pretty great Teacher Bloggers) full of tips, tricks, and magic to take some of the pain out of grading... Enjoy!

Hello Teacher Lady has a series of posts on using Google apps in the classroom, and her tutorials on using Google Classroom with Goobric and Doctopus helped me IMMENSELY when I was setting up my digital classroom this year. Her tips are especially great for secondary teachers, but if you browse around a bit, you'll find some good stuff for any grade you teach.

Along the same digital grading lines, this post by Doc Cop Teaching gives some extremely practical tips that can be immediately implemented in her post "8 Ideas to make Digital Grading Quick and Easy." BONUS TIP - check out her Instagram stories and highlights for more tips and how-to's!

Even though I am not an elementary classroom teacher, the tips in this post from Upper Elementary Snapshots are applicable. I like the idea of using homework during small group instruction to get deeper into the lesson or skill being taught & practiced. I like the idea that, even if a student misses a homework assignment (for whatever the reason), the value on the assignment is not lost.

If you are an ELA teacher of any grade and you don't know what the Secondary English Coffee Shop blog is, go there. NOW. It is full of amazing resources created by some pretty darn good teachers. This post, "Minimizing Stress at the End of the Year," written by The Daring English Teacher, offers ideas and insight that can help every single teacher out there deal with the sheer and utter madness that comes with all things at the end of the year, especially grading...

Hopefully you will find these tips as helpful and inspiring as I do - please add any more you can share in the comments below!!

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