Flexible Seating: a Roundup of Usable Resources

Flexible seating in classrooms is something that has been a hot topic for quite a while, and is (finally) starting to gain some steam in classrooms across the country.

My own personal preference is a classroom where students feel physically comfortable so that they are able to learn to their best ability and do their best work. I have tried iterations of partial flexible seating in the past, and am truly happy to see how much more widely accepted it is becoming in the education world.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Here are some great resources about flexible seating - what it is, the research behind it, and some great examples of it being used effectively in classrooms.


Edutopia - “Flexible Classrooms: Assembly Required”

Education World - “Is Flexible Seating Right for Your Classroom?”


California Department of Education - “Flexible Learning Environments”

Edutopia - “Flexible Classrooms: Research Is Scarce, But Promising”

We Are Teachers - “8 Things I Learned When I Put Standing Desks and Flexible Seating in My Classroom”

EdSurge - “How Furniture and Flexible Seating Is Turning Classroom Design Into a Fad”


Bored Teachers - “16 Awesome Flexible-Seating Classrooms That'll Blow Your Teacher Mind”

We Are Teachers - “The Ultimate Flexible Seating Shopping Guide”

If flexible seating is something that you think would work for you, but you want to make sure you put your research where your mouth is, I have just the thing for you...

Click HERE to head to my Teachers Pay Teachers store, Caffeinated Curriculum, and get your hands on an infographic handout that outlines the research above in a concise, parent- and administrator-friendly format! Perfect for anyone who is on the flexible seating fence and needs that extra boost of research and reasoning!

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