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As I was driving home from work this past Friday, I took a moment to reflect on my week, and I realized something that sincerely surprised me.

Like most Fridays, I was tired…

Unlike most Fridays, however, I wasn’t so tired that the mere thought of wearing pants other than sweats made me shudder. But there I was, driving home, thinking about fun games I could play with my kids when I got home, and making pizza together for dinner.

My normal Friday afternoon had me so EXHAUSTED that even ordering a pizza seemed like a big chore (I mean, I’d have to use my phone to order it, and then GET UP OFF THE COUCH when it arrived to answer the door and pay… all daunting tasks). My energy tanks were normally running on fumes by the time the weekend came around - especially in the past two years, as I’ve been teaching a special assignment in TK-5th grade classrooms, rather than the lovely teenagers to whom I was accustomed.

How was this happening???

It all comes down to good old fashioned classroom management techniques. You know - the ones we learned about in our credential programs and haven’t really thought directly about for years because they become such second nature. The behavior management skills that we had to write theoretical papers about, describing which tactics we would use for which types of behaviors before we were even in a classroom with students.

Yes, those ones.

Well, guess what?? Turns out there is a reason I had to write three different iterations of my classroom management plan over a decade ago. Those techniques work like a charm.

In this video I describe my culture shock entering elementary classrooms for the first time since I was in 5th grade, and how the three SIMPLEST behavior management techniques work to engage students from TK all the way through 12th grade! And all without making you feel like teacher roadkill… could it get any better??

What simple classroom management techniques work for you? Please share in the comments below!

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