My Secret for Maximizing Instructional Minutes

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2020

In every classroom in every city of the world, there is one thing that we all have in common - there just never seems like there is enough time to do ALL THE THINGS.


Instructional minutes are fleeting, and as time moves forward and lives become busier and busier, it seems more and more is asked of teachers to achieve during our fleeting time with students. We must instruct, check for understanding, build collaboration skills, remediate when things don’t go quite right, conduct school-wide activities, make announcements, help schedule students for the next year… the list goes on…


The NUMBER ONE STRATEGY I have for making the most of my instructional minutes isn’t anything too inventive or avant garde in the educational community, but it has made it so I have breathing room in my curriculum planning.


Ready for it?




Not just any bellringers - strategically designed and planned bellringers.


The first moments of my class period serve for setting the tone for class and knocking some items off my content/curriculum to-do list. 


Take a look at the video below for a detailed run-down of how I use bellringers in my classroom, and get your hands on 3 weeks of content-driven bellringers that foster gratitude (below).





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